Dear Apron Stagers,

Tom and I are exhausted with cleaning our house and packing for Vienna. We’re in the thick of it, as they say. We leave on Monday. Alice, our dog, will be taken care of by my sister (for a month) and by a couple who is living in our house for two months. You see the problem. You don’t have to clean nearly so efficiently if you just close up your house, but when other people live in your house–well, there we are again–cleaning out of shame.

You could drink out of three of my four toilets today.

You could eat off the bathroom floors.

Tom and I take breaks by playing Ms. Pacman. I have been to the Pear board! Eating ice cream is also a nifty diversion.

I wear a back brace when I clean, because of weak, old back. Also I found my vintage fox fur and wore that as well. I think cleaning is more fun when you have little fox eyes looking up at you.

Took a whole lot of bedding to the D.I. I don’t even a own a full or queen-sized bed.

Closets are neater than they’ve ever been.

Which is to say, there is no substantial blog. But next week, I write from Vienna! Auf Wiedersehen, darlings.