I have been lying flat on my back for two days with back pain taking lortabs and muscle relaxants.  Tomorrow I will get up and do something, wearing a back brace.  Back pain is new in my life—only began two years ago—but it keeps returning.  I think what I’m supposed to learn is not to carry, push, pull or lift heavy items.

I have to remind myself, “You’re a wimp now and cannot push your furniture around without serious consequences.  Hey Wimpy, let the kid lower the china plates from the cupboard.  Do NOT lift that TV!  Oh dear old thing, you thought you could carry a tv!  Don’t you know you’re old and weak?”

I still do other things like  singing St. Louis woman with your diamond rings—Or I’m too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my shoes—I’m just too sexy to sit around hurting.

Big Tancook Island is a 45 minute ferry ride into the harbor of  Chester, Nova Scotia.  There isn’t a real grocery story on the island. You have take the ferry over and back to get your groceries.  Does that sound like an adventure or a pain in the neck? Should I choose to move to Nova Scotia and live in the middle of Mahone Bay or stay here in Daybreak, Utah. Vote yes or no.