My niece Mary loves my boyfriend, Jed.  (Mary is 2, but she has excellent taste in men.)

Jed and I visited Mary and her brother and her parents over Christmas.  Jed went over like a hot fudge sundae.  “Where is Jed?” Mary would say to me.  “I will go get Jed and we will put ribbons in your hair.”

My sister-in-law, Mary’s mom, told me that a couple of weeks ago, entirely out of the blue, Mary said to her, “Wouldn’t it be great if Jed came to our house?”  My sister-in-law, a little confused, agreed.  Then Mary said, “Do you think he could not bring Sarah?”

Jed and I have been in Utah visiting family for the Easter weekend, and yesterday we saw Mary for the first time.  When her family arrived at Easter dinner, Mary ran in, swinging her tiny-sized matchstick limbs and grinning like a pixie she-devil.  She ran around the corner of the table and leapt into my lap.  I turned her to face Jed.  “Do you remember Jed?” I said.  She nodded.  She looked Jed directly in the eyes and said, “I talk about you all the time.”  (For real she used italics.)  Jed laughed.  “Good,” he said.  “I talk about you all the time too.”  And Mary jumped down and ran away.

Today Manfriend and I are going to visit Mary and her brother and her mom.  I’m not sure who’s most excited–Jed or Mary or I.

Which is my way of saying, Dear Apron Stagers, this is my whole post.  I have family to love today.

[And Sarah jumped down and ran away.]