For some reason, lately I’ve been in and around a lot of conversations about the woes and dangers and annoyances of the blogging world. Perhaps you’ve encountered some of them? The self-promotion, the comparison, the judgments, the perception of judgments, the risks associated with “putting yourself out there”, the audacity and pretense of writing in the second person. (You know what I mean…)

Here’s a big one for me: separating myself, and my perception of self, from what I write and how people respond to what I write. My older brother laughed yesterday when I admitted to him that I’m affected by how many comments I get on a post. “So comments,” he said, “are your measure of success? They’re the Z Cavaricci’s of the blog world?” Exactly, I said.  How many pleats do you have?

I like this blogging world more when I remember that it’s a virtual world.  To use input from a virtual world to determine how I feel about my real life—it’s a silly propensity.  I’m trying to be better about it.

Two things that I especially have to remember:

  • It’s okay if people only put up the pictures where they look really good. This doesn’t mean I should look at their lives and consciously think, “They’re only telling the good stuff,” or “yeah right.” It also means I shouldn’t look at the sliver of their lives that was approved for public consumption and think, “I’m lame.”
  • It’s okay if people put up the pictures where they don’t look good. Even beautiful, skinny, rich people can have difficulties. It’s not fair of me to begrudge those either.

How else do we make blogging safe? As in cool, not ridiculous, not something we’ll look back at and cringe?