I know I shouldn’t be posting a picture taken with Photo Booth, and I know this is not in focus, but you get the idea of the state of my desk.   I worked here tonight and I will work here again tomorrow.

I have been making a tiny scrapbook for Tom for Valentine’s Day.  (Notice I did not use the word “scrapbooking,” which is an abomination, but who cares?) It is the most time I have ever spent on a gift for Tom (I don’t think it took me this long to knit him a sweater).  He is going to love every tiny detail of it.  My hope is it will make him cry with joy.  I love to make Tom cry.  With joy.

I haven’t made a scrapbook or a photo album since digital cameras took hold.  Whenever I ask Tom to run me a picture, it takes way too long, because he wants perfect photographs, while I only want snapshots.  He likes to run them off in large sizes.  I want them in large quantities.

I know, I should learn my way around Photoshop, or at least Iphoto, but I prefer my cutting and pasting with scissors and glue sticks.  How did we live before glue sticks?

Making this scrapbook has been like returning to elementary school art class, and I loved art class.  It has been one of the activities that has gotten me through January.

Other things that got me through were lunch dates with a myriad group of women, young and old, who like to laugh; the symphony, the theater, late night runs for Rittersport dark chocolate, exercising on the stationary bike, reading an inspiring book called SWIMMING TO ANTARCTICA by Lynne Cox, playing Scrabble with Tom and working in the temple.  And, oh yes, going to the library to write.   Oh, and I got up late every morning and didn’t beat myself up about it.

Mostly, I refused to hibernate, which is my first instinct.

I only had one small melt-down one Sunday morning.  I had it after I was up and dressed, and after Tom and I had been asked to come to the church early before Sacrament Meeting, and after we were called to be family history consultants—we said yes—after that, but before Sacrament Meeting.  I had my meltdown.  It only lasted a day.

“I’m going back to bed,” I told Tom.  And I did.

But really, I have to say I got through January without much collateral damage.

How have YOU gotten through January?  Did you have a meltdown?

I am planning to drive to warmer climes the last two weeks of February.  Maybe Arizona.  I’ve never been to Arizona.

How will YOU get through February?