Levi taught me the joy of the “happy thought”—the thing you think about before falling asleep.  I laughed when he first told me about it (how juvenile), but on a particularly wakeful go-down, I ventured in and now I’m hooked.

He started it on his mission. His happy thought then? Getting off the airplane. For the past couple of months, it was the prospect of getting a call from the State Department offering him  what we assume will be his dream job. Since that happened, he’s fallen asleep to variations on a scene: his last day of working as a lawyer.

He said he could have emptied out his office little by little, but that would ruin the picture he had in his head of getting to walk out of the building holding a cardboard box.  Of late my happy thought has been the look on my mother-in-law’s face when we show up unannounced.

It played out perfectly. She’s been trying to convince us to come visit for some time, and Levi kept her in a holding pattern until yesterday afternoon when he sent her a text message gently telling her we wouldn’t be able to come anytime soon. A couple minutes later, she got home and it was sweet Adelaide who opened the door.

There are sad thoughts in all of this—like having to leave New York, or starting a career that moves us far away from family and friends.  But you’ll get those sad posts a month from now.

Until then, we’re on holiday, laughing back at January, and  living out our happy thoughts. Like watching five seasons of LOST, eating Klondike bars, covering a twenty-foot table with butcher paper and brainstorming our next round of happy…