I love my neighborhood. Perhaps never more so than when it serves as the impetus for a rousing game of “What’s the back story?”

Have at it Apron Stagers.

Round #1. What was the conversation like when the Balkissa family finally received word that their loan came through and yes! they could open their very own store.


Round #2. There is already a Lincoln Fried Chicken and a Kennedy Fried Chicken in our neighborhood. Shortly after Inauguration Day, we also got an Obama Chicken.

What was the look on the face of the owner on realizing that 1.) it is generally considered racist to link black people to fried chicken, 2.) it is generally not considered good business to say something racist in a predominantly black community and 3.) the other two presidents with chicken joints named after them were assassinated?

obama fried chicken

Round #3. And finally, what on earth happened at the laundromat down the street?

IMG_6118(Can you read that? Sorry it’s a bad picture. It says “Please empty pockets of pencils, hairpins, tools, nails, bullets, money, etc.”)

Thanks to Jeff, Emily, and Margy for their help on this one.