V0000578Guest Blogger: Amy Meyers.  

Amy is blonde, wears pink (dusty and vibrant salmon), and does a mean body roll. But don’t be fooled by the easy laugh (nigh unto a giggle), her spot-on imitation of Snow White’s falsetto, and the triple-dose of charm: Ms. Meyers is a professional

I grew up admiring the powerful, female executives in movies from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Every collar was crisp, every pearl whispered sophistication, every click of the high-but-classy-heel exuded confidence and purpose. It all screamed power and respect to my teenage awkwardness. What a romanticized vision of reality – sitting at a desk for 8+ hours with people who you may or may not like.

Since entering the “corporate world,” I have become disillusioned with every detail of office life…except one. I still have my weak spot: business trips. Any frequent business traveler will grumble at my confession, but being paid to travel is SO glamorous. Not to mention fun, flattering, luxurious–and a privilege only offered to those who make shipping a person cost-effective–impressive. This is a determining factor in our twisted measure of success – you travel for your job and you have arrived in my book. I know. Silly.

But I’ve always wanted to say things like, “I’m catching the flight out tonight,” or, “Hold my calls while I’m traveling,” or, “Forward my messages,” or even, “Confirm my itinerary please, I need to hop on a plane immediately following my presentation.” I always imagined the appropriate backdrop for these phrases: corner office, diet coke on my botticino classico marble coaster (on my oversized desk), floor to ceiling windows, view of the metropolitan skyline with a kiss of sunset…you get the idea.

You can imagine my enthusiasm, then, when I was told that my time had come. I was catching the flight out. The scene somehow left something to be desired:

Fluorescent lights buzzed subtly in the background – or was it the mini-fridge (circa 1950) that my neighbor stashed under his desk? – as my boss rounded the taupe partition. I immediately blushed as I realized I had already shut down my computer to duck out a little early when I had a good 20 minutes before 5:00 pm. He didn’t hesitate, “Amy, we need you to go to the Boise and Burley offices in Idaho. Would you mind very much flying out there to take care of this project?” My eager reply must have given me away because he chuckled and explained that I could even expense $150/day for food.

Let me, just for this moment, pretend that I am the classy executive who is making a difference, with the world at her fingertips. Let me feel the full implication of my rental Mustang, as opposed to the Taurus. Let me soak in the luxurious meals and HBO. And let me bask in the dream until I’ve returned, refreshed and ready for more reality, which really is sweeter than the dream.

This is actually my third business trip – the others were much more legitimate (NY and LA), but it remains a novelty and Boise has not let me down. Good night and sweet dreams from the Hilton Inn in beautiful, bustling Boise, Idaho.

I will have limited access to internet. Hold my calls.