Listen, I understand that you don’t feel like I’ve had a lot of time for you lately. First all of the vacationing and now this. But be reasonable. Neither of us expected this gig at the other blog to be so time-consuming. It’s harder than I thought it was going to be. For one, they have a lot more male readers and so the comments aren’t the kind I was hoping for. (“I disagree. Where do you get off?” Certainly not the kind of comments you give. (“Great post! You are an inspiration to us all!”) 

I just hope you can remember why I’m doing this. Believe me, baby, it’s for us. I mean there’s a whole bunch of readers over there who don’t even know about us. And if we can get just one of them to read here and leave a witty comment, isn’t that worth it? I know it’s hard now, but in the long run, I really think it may pay dividends.

No, I know. I’m sorry. You’re right. I would never have used the word dividends before. That was silly of me.

This doesn’t mean I’m changing. I’m still me. We are still we. Come on, can’t you see that? I know I haven’t gotten dressed up like this for a long time for you. And yes, I stopped wearing make-up just four posts into our relationship. I’m sure seeing me in all of this lipstick, what with my hair done and that sweet scent of perfume, can’t be easy. But don’t you see? None of that is real. This, what we have, every single Wednesday, this is real.

Remember when I asked you for ideas on things to post about? And we both agreed that this was just like all blogging, and the goal was a lot of comments? Do you remember the list you gave me?

Week one: Polygamy, Blacks in the Priesthood, Prop 8, Women and the Priesthood

Week two: Mitt Romeny, David Archuleta, Stephanie Meyers, Glenn Beck, and Nie Nie: who is the coolest Mormon in the world?

Week three: Why I love sappy books.*

You were so into it then. I thought you wanted this for me. I can’t believe you’re already complaining that my writing on that blog means that so far, you’ve had to read 348 words of this drivel.

Baby, we’re in this together. We’re still on the same page. I’ll write a good post here soon enough.

Just give me a couple of weeks.  Tell you what, when I get back, we’ll put on our sweats, cuddle up on the couch, and gossip about commenters we think would be a good fit for Sarah. We’ll brainstorm more fake names for Tom and Louise. We’ll answer more of Lisa’s ridiculous questions. We’ll photoshop that picture of Sarah wearing the red suit.

Just you and me. Just like old times. 


*These are the actual suggestions on topics I received from my friend Mehrsa. Clearly, she’s clued in.