It’s easier than the whole “soul searching” thing most of us had to do. A simple quiz to determine your religious beliefs (thanks Lisa P. for the head’s up). They call it the “Belief System Selector.” I took it and was proud to report to my Dad that though I’m 85% Jehovah’s Witness and 69% Sikh, I’m 100% Mormon. Happy Father’s Day.

But if you are going to take it, be warned. There’s always the chance that your husband, the man you thought you knew so well, the man you chose because you knew the two of you essentially “wanted and felt the same things,” that man might come home and announce that he’s “100% Bahai.” He’ll comfort your confused heart by saying that he “took the quiz really fast” and “it was really close . . . 97% Mormon.” And you’ll start to feel better—it was neck and neck, you’ll reason. But then you’ll find this picture, and chances are high you’ll start worrying again.*


*I’m just kidding. I don’t think wearing a beard makes you Bahai.