My oldest brother Mark was driving Ann Marie and me from Utah to Colorado. When we stopped for lunch I ordered a couple of things from the $.99 value menu. And then Mark ordered a couple of things from the $.99 value menu. And then Ann Marie stepped to the counter and ordered a number three. Mark and I both looked at her, confused, and then asked, “Who do you think you are?”

The audacity. We were a bean burrito/soft taco family. A GMC van at the drive-thru, twenty hamburgers and ten waters, if you don’t want pickles pick them off yourself family. We didn’t order value meals. I thought about that road trip and Annie’s brazen extravagence a couple of months ago as I bit into a peach. We were also a “fruits only when they’re in season” family. To eat a peach in March felt indulgent. Of course, Levi was the one who bought it. I learned not to fight him on these things the night I challenged him for selecting a more expensive breakfast cereal. “I’m thirty and a lawyer” he responded, “I can get whatever cereal I want.”

And though I’d confine him to Malt-o-Meal until he makes partner, I have to admit that this value menu/fruits when they’re in season mentality isn’t actually the moral right, it just feels like it is. Which means that what is really happening is something more like Levi making my life a little bit better, a little bit at a time.