Did you know that when it comes to skincare, most of us don’t pay enough attention to exfoliating?   We clean; we moisturize, some of us “tone” but most of us forget to exfoliate.  Dead skin smushed on our pretty little faces.  You can pay big bucks to exfoliate: micro-dermabrasion once a  month does the trick.  The same is true for chemical peels and retinoids.  I’ve tried all of these with success, but frankly, I can’t afford them anymore.  That is why I was happy to discover the most inexpensive exfoliating item ever:  those scratchy bundles of washcloths that you buy at Target tied together with a bit of muslin ribbon.  You get like two-dozen for $2.99.  I LOVE THOSE WASHCLOTHS. I have them stacked at the corner of my tub and use a fresh one every day, and it feels like being sandpapered by a professional.

The need for exfoliating is my excuse to discuss how much I hate fabric softeners especially on towels and washcloths.  Ugh.  They leave that despicable phony fresh-smelling film on everything. When you rub your skin with a water-softened towel, it pushes the water and muck across it, but doesn’t really absorb it.  Ugh again. It’s like bathing in somebody’s else’s bathwater (only not nearly as good).  And the names for fabric-softeners stir my imagination into dark corners. Downy?  Like having a coat of hair all over your body?  Snuggle? Snuggle what?  Your dead skin? Bounce?  Comfort?  Sta-Soft?  It makes my skin crawl.  Give me an unsoftened, cheap washcloth or towel any day to slough off what is ready for the vacuum.

 I have to admit that I used to buy those washcloths to use for rags. Then I had micro-dermabrasion and thought they’d be better used on my face.  I’ve also thought of using Dutch Cleanser and steel wool, but I’m putting those off for my 70th birthday, which is still a few years away.