Guess whom we saw at Costco this week? Mucho educators and writers, Tom and Louise Plummer, known by their dozens of fans as TWEEZE. Wowzer dowzer!

Asked what they were doing there on Valentine’s Night, the couple said they were celebrating the forty-fifth anniversary of their engagement. “You got engaged on Valentine’s Day? How romantic is that?” we asked.

“It was actually the day after Valentine’s Day,” Tom said.

“He had to study on Valentine’s Day,” Louise said.

“No, the ring wasn’t ready.” Tom said.

“Trust me on this. He had to study,” Louise said.

“So how do you celebrate your love at Costco?” we asked.

“We buy Michelin tires for our twelve-year-old car,” Louise said.

“Because I care about her safety,” Tom said.

“Then we have a couple of Polish dogs with the works,” Louise said.

“And large Dr. Peppers,” Tom said.

“Three bucks. It’s a big date night,” Louise said.

“Then do you seal it all with a kiss and a cuddle?” we asked.

“A whuddle?” Tweeze asked.

“You know,” we said.

“Yes, we do,” and they walked off to pick up their car.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” we cried after them.

“Done!” they called back