obama(Image NY Times)

Living in Harlem I see a lot of people with unrealistic expectations for the new president. I listened to a woman at the post office explain that now that Obama was president she was going to get her job back. The woman behind me in line at the grocery story eyed my pumpkin pie and said, “Now that Obama’s president, every one’s going to have a pie on Thanksgiving.”  One man at the dollar store told his disgruntled friend, “He’s not even president yet. It’s not his fault. You have to wait until January.

The climax of my thoughts on such overly zealous hope was the day I passed a man on Lenox Avenue making grand gestures to a lamp post. “I AM,” he yelled, “the next black president of the United States of America.” And then he bowed and yelled it again.

But I think I’m starting to understand how they feel. The turning point in my sentiments took place just after the Inauguration yesterday. I watched it with two girlfriends. We stood up when he took the oath of office and listened intently during the speech.

And then we hurried to Bloomingdales, Saks, and (hold your breath) Bergdorf Goodman. Because of a lawsuit, they had to give away free make-up.  We got some of it. 

All I’m saying is that before Obama was president, I could never go into those stores.

Change I can believe in.