The economy is in the toilet and the house we bought last May has dropped at least 30% of its value; fresh vegetables cost more than gasoline, and so I lie awake nights and worry:  what if in the coming years we can’t afford to live in the good old U.S. of A.?  I’m thinking ahead to the time when a head of cauliflower will cost twenty bucks, and Tom and I are stuck in our turn-of-the-century fixed income.


There are many slick magazines, Forbes, AARP, Money among them, that have made up lists of the ten best international locations for retirees to spend their “golden years.”   These usually include Belize, Costa Rica, Spain, and Mexico.  We old people like warm weather evidently.


I’ve done some late-night research myself, and my first choice is Chandigarh, India, much cheaper than any of the above places, plus it’s on Sukhna Lake in the foothills of the Shinklik Range.  Ideal, if you ask me.


I found an online brochure for a luxury complex, the Maya Garden Apartments, to be finished in 2009, which reads exactly as I have quoted it:  “To male you enjoy the gift of life we have come up with idea called Maya Garden Apartments Happiness & togetherness witch are momentary.”   All that for a mere 3,441,000 rupees, which may sound like an apartment on the upper west side in New York City, but is actually only $68,685.38.  This includes three bedrooms, three baths, a modular kitchen on a “VIP road.”   There’s no extra charge for the clubhouse with swimming pool and basketball court.


Don’t fret, it’s Punjab Government Approved Housing, and it’s only 95 miles to Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh.  Best of all it is 146 miles from Amritsar where the Golden Temple is located and where you can watch the elaborate changing of the guard drills from both sides of the Pakistan/India border.


Next week:  Bulgaria!