I’ve started watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show on hulu. I’m about eight episodes in to season two, and I’m charmed. Wikipedia lists it as one of the best TV shows of all time. I can see that. It’s about Mary Richards, a girl who’d been putting her boyfriend through medical school, until she realized he was graduating but still wasn’t going to marry her. So she took off for a new life–and got a new job as, she was boggled, an associate producer of a news show–in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was 30, employed, and alone. Her new day had dawned.

The opening credits are a lovely montage. Pictures of Mary Richards/Tyler Moore driving off in her car are overlaid by images of her last days at work, the party that bid her goodbye, packing her things up. She gets in her car, checks her directions, looks pensive but hopeful, considers the past, takes the next exit. She gets to Minneapolis and she wanders the streets in her fur-lined, hooded overcoat and in the end, she’s surrounded by the people of her new city walking busily by and she revels in it all and throws her mod beret triumphantly into the sky. Mary Tyler Moore. You’re going to make it after all.

I feel a kinship with Mary Richards.  I’m a new girl in a new city.  I’ve recently finished school and left roommates–but not a boy–I loved, to start a new job with a title that, for the moment, sounds incomprehensibly adult to me.  Sarah Olson, Attorney.  Each day, I go to work, put on my new clothes (no beret), and hope that when I’m pushed on the metro and passed by others busily walking by I’ll feel triumphant and not just infinitesmally alone.

Resolution #1: Be like Mary Tyler Moore. Make it after all.